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SEARCH ABOUT Local, National or Global COMPANIES or ORGANIZATIONS in any Business, Service, City or Country AROUND THE WORLD. 


Departamento de MAGDALENA - Colombia
Magdalena Department of Colombia
/ The Caribbean Region

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Flag of Magdalena Department

Seal of Magdalena Department  

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Facts about Departamento de Magdalena, Department of  Magdalena, Región Caribe / The Caribbean Region - its History and Vision.
Population, Administrative Division, Capital City or Municipality, Bigger / Representative Cities and Municipalities, Touristic Cities, Municipalities or Places, Access and Economy.


                                Magdalena Department of Colombia

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Globalization Vision

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Colombia and

Globalization Visions by Magdalena Department's Politicians Thinkers, Scholars & Researchers

 Magdalena Departmento
(in Spanish)

Magdalena Department in Few lines.


Magdalena Public Services - Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners

 Magdalena Department Map



Santa Marta - Capital City of Magdalena

Cities in Magdalena Department
(sorted biggest to smallest in population. "Ref. Colombian National Department of Statistics")

Santa Marta, Cienaga, Zona Bananera, Fundacion, El Banco, Plato, Aracataca, Pivijay, Ariguani, Sitionuevo, Puebloviejo, Guamal, Santa Ana, El Reten, Nueva Granada, San Sebastian de Buenavista, El Pinon, Chivolo, Sabanas de San Angel, Pijino del Carmen, Tenerife, Algarrobo, Santa Barbara de Pinto, Concordia, San Zenon, Zapayan, Remolino, Cerro San Antonio, Pedraza, Salamina


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